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Christopher McCandless Is No Longer My Hero

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The Strategy SpaceX Will Use to Get to Mars

The Atlantic

Kickstarter, PBC (#longform)


How and Why Bill Gates Became a Philanthropist

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How sans-serifs fonts took over the world

Sans serif fonts are everywhere. I mean everywhere you go. A lot of viewers will be familiar with the most famous san serif, Helvetica. It’s been said by some that its the perfect typeface, the pinnacle of modern design. It’s so famous and its cult following is so evangelical that it got a whole feature length documentary dedicated to it 10 years ago. But sans serifs weren’t always so popular. In fact, up until the 20th century they were not only ridiculed and reserved for uncultured writing, they were barely existent. Most presses simply wouldn’t print in anything but serif. This is the story about how that changed.

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FastCompany Feature Stories

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An Inside Look at Kickstarter's New Company Structure   

A longform profile of Kickstarter's decision to become a PBC


Escaping the Siege

The story of one refugee's escape from Syria


This Man Wants to Fly You from NY to Europe for $65

A profile of Norwegian Airlines CEO, Bjorn Kjos

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A Plane Crash, A Glacier, And An Entrepreneur

How Icelandair Opened Up Air Travel For Everyone


Travel Writing

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24 Hours With The Homeless Scandinavian Who Has Visited Every Continent 

Strange memories from Berlin

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Traveler's Poker

A story about my unplanned trip to Japan

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South America Essays

Or, Trials of the Imported First World